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One of our missionaries said: “I’m enjoying your book so much. It feels at times like I’m reading your personal diary, but that’s what makes it real…..and refreshing to read. It should be translated into every language.”

I hope it is a blessing to many this Christmas!

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Overflowing: Ministry and Missions That Flow From the Heart

Do you long to be useful to God and hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant"? (Matthew 25:21)

Overflowing is born out of ten years meditating on this question: Why does God use some people more than others? In our zeal to be used by God, we have a tendency to rely on doing things for God. However, when God chose to use certain individuals in the Bible, it wasn't because of their effort or abilities. God was looking at their heart.

God still searches hearts. You can become a person that is useful to God ― not because of great things you do, but because of a heart that pleases Him. When God finds a heart that is fully His, He fills it to overflowing.